Out in front and ahead of her time

May 20, 2010

By Howard Tsumura, The Province

Malindi Elmore Interview

May 19, 2010

By Christopher Kelsall – Flotrack

Stanford University alumni Malindi Elmore from Kelowna, British Columbia, grew up active and very involved in many sports. Her primary game was soccer however, she went on to win three provincial (BC) championships at the 1,500m distance and was the top-ranked Canadian junior for 800m and 1,500m from 1996 through 1998, meanwhile she became inspired to commit to running, at that time, from watching fellow British Columbian Leah Pells race in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Elmore, 2009 Canadian 10, 000m Champion, recently won the Vancouver Sun Run 10k in her first attempt at that event, with a personal best finish time of 33:06, despite a rather cavalier start.

Read the complete interview here: http://www.flotrack.org/articles/view/1918-malindi-elmore

Alyx Treasure’s new measure helps high jumper prepare for historic challenge

May 19, 2010

By Howard Tsumura – The Vancouver Province

It’s been almost two years ago that she hit her highest high, yet the truest measure of Alyx Treasure is her willingness to keep jumping back into the fray.

In June of 2008, as an underdog 10th grader from Prince George’s D.P. Todd Secondary, Treasure served notice of her substantial skills by winning the high jump at the Subway B.C. high school track and field championships.

Read the complete story: http://communities.canada.com/theprovince/blogs/high_school_hamper/archive/2010/05/13/alyx-treasure-s-new-measure-helps-high-jumper-prepare-for-historic-challenge.aspx

Iron Man a fitting nickname for Kwantlen Park’s Justin Kent

May 19, 2010

By Howard Tsumura – The Vancouver Province

Justin Kent is not a comic book super hero, although when you hear his story you may beg to differ.

For starters, he not only shares a surname with Superman, but his friends have lately taken to calling him Iron Man, a moniker that even Robert Downey Jr. would say is richly deserved.

Read the story here: http://communities.canada.com/theprovince/blogs/high_school_hamper/archive/2010/04/30/iron-man-a-fitting-nickname-for-kwantlen-park-s-justin-kent.aspx

Dylan Haight Interview

April 7, 2010

Christopher Kelsall interviews Victoria’s Dylan Haight.

Dylan Haight is a rising star. Based in Victoria, BC, Dylan ran High School track and field and cross-country for Oak Bay High, perpetuating the successful history of Oak Bay’s athletics program. Coached by Keith Butler, Dylan has developed into one of Canada’s top junior runners, recently competing on the world stage at the IAAF World Cross-Country Championships in Poland – as a junior.

Read the complete interview here: http://www.flotrack.org/articles/view/1824-dylan-haight

Shai-Anne Davis Feature

April 6, 2010

Kajaks sprinter Shai-Anne Davis was recently featured in the Richmond Review as one of 30 people with Richmond roots who take pride in their work and community and are under 30.

Read the story here: http://www.bclocalnews.com/richmond_southdelta/richmondreview/community/88839612.html

Justine Johnson Interview

March 15, 2010

Christopher Kelsall interviews Victoria’s Justine Johnson.

Justine Johnson, born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia competed in High School for Oak Bay under long-time successful coach, Keith Butler.

She competed at the World Junior Cross Country Championships in March of 2009, running for Team Canada in Amman, Jordan and qualified for Worlds by placing fifth at the 2008 Canadian Junior XC Championships after taking 16th the previous year, she took fifth at the 2009 NACAC Championships in Florida and finished sixth at the 2008 Canadian Junior Track Championships in the 1500-meters. Johnson was the B.C. Provincial Cross Country Champion as a junior and a senior after placing second as a freshman and sophomore. She also won the provincial titles at 1500m and 3000m as a junior. She did not defend titles as a senior due to illness

She now runs for the University of Washington, and lists fellow Canadian Anita Campbell as an inspiration.

Read the complete interview at http://www.flotrack.org/articles/view/1791-justine-johnson

Jim Finlayson Interview

February 8, 2010

Christopher Kelsall interviews Victoria’s Jim Finlayson.

Jim Finlayson is a former Canadian Marathon champion, three-time competitor in the IAAF World Cross Country Championships and winner of the Royal Victoria Marathon. He competed for NCAA Division 1 University of Michigan before running for the University of Victoria and eventually owning the streets of Victoria, BC. He also owns the Kingston Beer Mile World Record, with his official performance – an astounding 5:09.
Finlayson (aka, ‘The Flying Finn’ or ‘Finn’) is a highly consistent runner despite a life hurdle – he suffers from Multiple Sclerosis – and is mostly a self-coached athlete; that is until recently.

Jim took the time to chat about his gradual transition to coach, while he continues to compete, balance family, work, beer-miling and although it’s a few years away, plans his potential assault on the local masters age-group.

Read the complete interview at http://www.flotrack.org/articles/view/1717-jim-finlayson