Attention Meet Directors – Trackie.Reg Webinars

Trackie.Reg is setting up a series of webinars to introduce Meet Directors to the new and improved Trackie.Reg. Some of the key features with the new system are:
•It’s completely free to use.
•You can choose to accept payments online, on-site and/or by mail (if you choose to accept payments online there is a small processing fee charged to each registrant).
•Our new system gives coaches/registrants the ability to do mass entries (importing using Microsoft Excel and/or Hytek Team Manager).
•You can easily import all your entries into Hytek Meet Manager (and other programs).
•You can easily communicate with all (or a subset) of your registrants.
•We give you the ability to help attract and organize volunteers/officials.
•You can read more about our features and also some client testimonials on our homepage:

In addition clubs can utilize Trackie.Reg for an on-line club membership sign up and fee payment system. It can be set up so fees are collected for both the club membership and BC Athletics membership portions. At the end of the month the club fees will be forwarded to the club and the BCA fees will be sent to BC Athletics automatically.

Read more about upcoming webinars at


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