Spectator Code of Conduct

Burnaby, June 16, 2014

BC Athletics announces its Spectator Code of Conduct, an outline of Do's and Don'ts when it comes to interacting with Athletes, Officials, Coaches, Parents and Other Spectators at an Athletics Competition – Track & Field, Road Running, Cross Country Running or Race Walking.

The Spectator Code was put together with input from BC Athletics Committees, Board of Directors and the Membership under the guidance of Denise Clements, Director. “The code is there for the information and education of the viewing pubic of parents, friends, relatives and followers of the sport of Athletics”, said Denise Clements. “We (BC Athletics) want all Athletics competitions to be a welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone – from the many Club Volunteers who put on the competitions through to the Officials, Athletes, Coaches, Parents and Other Spectators. Having everybody happy and eager to come back to host, watch, take part or work at the next event is critical to a healthy Athletics program in British Columbia. We are very fortunate to have such committed Officials and Event Organizers throughout the province and our Spectator Code of Conduct is there to help make their experience even better,” Denise concluded.

About BC Athletics:

BC Athletics is the Provincial non-profit amateur sport organization for Track & Field, Road Running, Marathons/Ultras, Cross Country/Trail Running and Race Walking. A Branch member of Athletics Canada, BC Athletics is made up of individual members, member clubs and affiliated organizations. The purpose of the Association is to promote, encourage and develop the widest participation and the highest proficiency in the sport of Athletics.



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