Head T&F Coach Needed – Special Olympics Delta

New Head Coach Needed for Track and Field, Special Olympics -Delta

  • 2 hours a week (Mondays 6-8pm)
  • South Delta Senior Secondary School
  • 3 months (April – June end)

Athletics includes a wide range of exciting events including track, distance, field and multi-disciplinary competitions. Special Olympics BC also offers events for lower ability level athletes to train and compete in basic athletics skills. The development of these key skills is necessary prior to advancing to longer competitive events.

Duties of a Head Coach (Volunteer)

The head coach is ultimately responsible for all actions within his/her sports program. She/he determines and develops the yearly goals, seasonal plans and budgets along with the assistant coaches; regularly communicates with assistant coaches, program volunteers, athletes, parents/caregivers and local executive members; serves as the voice/spokesperson for the athletes/team; facilitates practices; ensures attendance, training and safety of athletes at practices; ensures all athletes attend a minimum of one competition; and delegates to assistant coaches/program volunteers. Must be 19 years of age or older, and must complete proper certification within first year.

Practice time: Mondays 6-8pm

Location: Track at South Delta Senior Secondary School

Season Dates: Starts in April and finishes the end of June

Contact: Erna Brkich, Volunteer Coordinator, 778-239-1101

Track events:

  • Running 50 metre 100 m 200m 400 m
  • Long distance 800 metre 1500m 3000m 5000m

Field Events:

  • Shot Put
  • Standing & Running Long Jump


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