BC Team Online Athlete Declaration Form Open


The 2014 BC Team Athlete Declaration form is now available! All athletes wishing to be considered for a BC Team, must submit an online athlete declaration to BC Athletics before the applicable deadline (see below). This year, the BC Team Athlete Declaration form will be completed through an online form. Athletes and Coaches will need to be aware of the following steps for submitting their BC Team Athlete Declaration as there are some slight changes this year.

STEP 1BC ATHLETE DECLARATION COACH SIGN-OFF. When submitting the online declaration form, athletes will also need to submit a copy of the BC Athlete Declaration Coach Sign-Off form. This form can be accessed by clicking on the link above (in blue), and attaching it to the online declaration form under Section 8 (recommended). Athletes can also submit this form by mail or fax by following the directions located on the bottom of the form.

STEP 2BC TEAM ATHLETE DECLARATION FORM (Online). This year, athletes will apply online using the BC Team Athlete Declaration Form. This form can be accessed by clicking the link above (in red). Under Section 8, athletes can attach a signed copy of the BC Athlete Declaration Coach Sign-Off form (recommended). This form is similar to previous years' forms.


BC Senior Team

June 8, 2014

BC Junior Team (Racewalk)

June 8, 2014

BC Junior Team (All Other Events)

June 15, 2014

BC Legion Youth Team

July 13, 2014

BC Legion Midget 15 Team

July 13, 2014

BC Athletics will track performances leading to final selection of the team. BC Athletics will only accept performances that are entered on the 2014 Athletics Canada Rankings. Performances for selection to teams must be on the Athletics Canada Rankings at the time of selection. If an athletes performance is not found on the Athletics Canada rankings, please contact Andrew Cameron at results@athletics.ca. You will need to provide him with the perfromance and a link to the results (for certification)

BC Athletics has created this online form in an effort to make sure that no information is lost. Once you submit the online form, the information will come directly to BC Athletics. Submitting athletes will also be provided with a confirmation email sent to the email they have entered as their primary email. As this is the first time using the online form, please feel free to notify BC Athletics with any comments, questions or glitches.

Once an athlete starts to enter information into the form, they can save their progress by selecting the “Save” button at any time. The “Save” button can be found on the right hand side by scorlling to the bottom of the form. Once selected, you will be provided with a link that will contain your saved information for up to 14 days. After you have filled out the remaining information, you can then submit the form.

If an athlete has already submitted the form, and requires to make a change to any of the information, they can do so by contacting the Technical Manager for Track & Field at garrett.collier@bcathletics.org

If you have any questions regarding the BC Team Athlete Declaration process, please contact the Technical Manager for Track & Field at garrett.collier@bcathletics.org.


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