BC Athletics Set to Adopt “Spectator Code of Conduct”


Burnaby, BC
November 20, 2013

Following a series of incidents involving parents, coaches and Officials, BC Athletics Officials and the work of a Sub-Committee of the BC Athletics Board of Directors, the “BC Athletics – Spectator Code of Conduct” will be presented to the BC Membership for approval at the December 2013 AGM.

Denise Clements, BCA Director and Chair of the sub-committee is pleased with the final version and extends her thanks and appreciation to the members of the sub-committee and others who have provided feedback as the document evolved.

“We are very pleased to see the Spectator Code of Conduct”, said Bill Koch, Chair, BC Athletics Officials Committee. ” Respect, sportsmanship and a thank you are part of day to day life whether at home or on the playing field. Officials are part of that field of play, ensuring fairness and a level playing field for all athletes. The Spectator Code of Conduct is a welcomed initiative and a valuable contribution in support of the Competition Officials.”



BC Athletics is committed to ensuring that all athletes have the opportunity to participate in a safe and enjoyable environment that is encouraging to all, enabling athletes to achieve personal best performances, and promoting overall development of our sport. We have strong values of fair play, integrity, mutual respect, safety, graciousness, and sportsmanship. Spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which supports the values of our organization, and encourages the development of all athletes on and off the competition area.


  • Cheer for all athletes in a positive manner, modeling good sportsmanship, and fair play.
  • Show respect to all individuals, treating everyone with courtesy, including but not limited to athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, other spectators and parents.
  • Present any protest or disagreements via the correct avenue and in a respectful manner.
  • Acquaint yourself with the rules and correct appeals procedures for track and field competitions.
  • Promote respect and appreciation for all coaches, officials and volunteers at any event or practice, and encourage others to do so.
  • Thank officials after each event, and ensure your athlete does the same. A handshake goes a long way in the promotion of good sportsmanship.
  • Model sportsmanship, respect and courtesy for all athletes and spectators.
  • Have realistic expectations for performance outcomes.
  • Encourage participation by athletes. Promote emotional and physical well-being.
  • Volunteer your time at an event when help is required.

Do Not:

  • Engage in profane, insulting, harassing, sexist, racist, abusive, disrespectful or otherwise offensive behavior.
  • Demean or ridicule any athlete who has not met your expectation.
  • Use physical force, or engage in verbal abuse, or violent acts of any kind.
  • Partake in the use of any drugs or alcohol at an athletic event.
  • Coach any athlete during an event, unless you are the personal or team coach for that athlete.
  • Intrude into the competition area.


For more information contact: Brian McCalder, President/CEO – E: brian.mccalder@bcathletics.org / W: www.bcathletics.org

About BC Athletics: BC Athletics is the Provincial non-profit amateur sport organization for Track & Field, Road Running, Marathons/Ultras, Cross Country/Trail Running and Race Walking. A Branch member of Athletics Canada, BC Athletics is made up of individual members, member clubs and affiliated organizations. The purpose of the Association is to promote, encourage and develop the widest participation and the highest proficiency in the sport of Athletics.


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