Rupert Runners Club holds 10th annual Cannery Road Race

By Martina Perry – The Northern View

Skeena Drive in Port Edward was flooded with runners for the 10th annual Cannery Road Race last Saturday.

Race directors Lynn Daniele, Stella Kafka and Leslie Peloquin were pleased with how the 10th anniversary race went, which included about 86 adult runners and 50 kids.

“Some of the runners were coming in with awesome times. I heard a few say it was the best they had done,” Peloquin said.

In the half-marathon, a 21 kilometre run from the North Pacific Cannery to the Port Edward turnoff and back, Amber Sheasgreen had the overall best time of female runners with 1:42:04. Eric Angel had the best overall time for male runners with 1:58:21. Sheasgreen and Angel also placed first in their age categories for the half marathon.

In the 50 and over division of the 21 km run Crofton’s Ken Deal was the fastest male runner with 2:29:28, and Prince Rupert’s Gail Bennett was the fastest female runner with 1:57:31.

Avery Bailey and Morgan Weir were the fastest male and female runners in the 11-19 category of the 10 km race, with Bailey finishing in 43:58 and Weir in 1:00:45.

In the 20-39 division of the 10 km, Francois Cote was the top male racer with 38:46 and Mary Bartlett was the top female racer with 46:53. Both Cote and Bartlett were the fastest male and female runners overall in the 10 km run.

Kathy Murphy completed the 10 km run in 50:58, and was the quickest women runner in the 40-49 division of the race, with Sheldon Weibe taking the top spot in the male portion of the age group with 51:05.

The top male 10 km runner in the 50+ category was Terrace’s Michael Bruce with 53:44, and the female winner was Patty Jones with 59:40.

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