BC Athletics Announces the TeamBC 2013 Canada Summer Games Team – UPDATED


Richmond, BC

BC Athletics has released its preliminary list of athletes for the 2013 Canada Summer Games Team.  These athletes will represent TeamBC at the 2013 Canada Summer Games in Sherbrooke, QC from August 11 – 18, 2013.

BC Athletics and TeamBC are limited to 50 athletes with 2 athletes per event.  After the selection process, athletes are then selected based on the BC Athletics selection criteria released earlier this year.  This 2013 Canada Summer Games Team Selection Criteria and Standards can be found on the BC Athletics website at: http://www.bcathletics.org/main/pdf/selcrit13_csg.pdf

The 2013 TeamBC athletes are as follows:

First Name Last Name Event  City/Club/Coach
Sebastian Adugalski M 400mH Vancouver/OATF/M.Chewning
Jamie Ashcroft W 100 Shawnigan Lake/UVIC/D.Bowen
Casey Atkin W 400/LJ Sidney/PATH/R.Parker
Benjamin Ayesu-Attah M 400 Coquitlam/COQC/T.Self
Esinam Ayesu-Attah W 200m Coquitlam/COQC/T.Self
Fiona Benson W 2000SC/5K Dawson Creek /LANG/M.Bomba
Lucas Bruchet M 1500 Surrey/PTGR/R.Lee
Lindsey Butterworth W 1500 North Vancouver/UNBC/B.Townsend
Payne Chad M 200 Burnaby/COCQ/T.Self
Aleisha Cobb W LJ Victoria/PATH/R.Parker
Danielle Delage W HEP Victoria/PATH/R.Parker
Agnes Esser W SP/DT Dunacn/PATH/S.Gmitroski
Robert Gallaugher M LJ Surrey/LANG/K.Chapdelaine
Serena Graf W SP Surrey/KJAK/R.Collier
Julia Hawkins W TJ Vancouver/UNBC/J.Hawkins
Harding Hodson M Relay Maple Ridge/COQC/T.Self
Keefer Joyce M 100/200 Kelowna/OACS/B.Fralick
Adam Keenan M HT/DT Victoria/KAML/A.Bondarchuk
Samantha Kennedy W HT Surrey/KJAK/R.Collier
Justin Kent M 3000SC Surrey/CTC1/S.Kent
Mason Kereszti M JT Victoria/KAML/A.Bondarchuk
Emma Kimoto W HJ Richmond/UNBC/J.Huntoon
Aisha Klippenstein W 100H/TJ Abbotsford/VRTC/Z.Szelagowicz
Tyler Kostiuk M JT Comox/CXVC/G.Morfitt
James Linde M 100 Coquitlam/COQC/T.Self
Django Lovett M HJ Surrey/VRTC/Z.Szelagowicz
Tiffany Matteazzi W JT Abbotsford/LANG/T.Neilsen
Zarria McKearney W HEP Victoria/UVIC/V.Croley
Palesch Meghan W400H Surrey/OATF/M.Chewning
Olivia Merritt W JT Victoria/PATH/S.Gmitroski
Vladislav Moldavanov M TJ Pitt Meadows/NORW/E.Voloshin
Ahmad Nizamani M LJ Burnaby/TBIR/J.Buhlman
Adam Paul-Morris M 800 Surrey/CTC1/S.Kent
Kendra Pomfret W 1500/800 Roberts Creek/UVIC/B.Fougner
Patrick Psotka M 3000SC Victoria/UVIC/B.Fougner
Brendon Restall M 400 Victoria/UVIC/D.Bowen
Thomas Riva M 800/1500 Victoria/UVIC/B.Fougner
Whitney Rowe W 100/200 Burnaby/UNBC/K.Thomas
Sarah Sawatzky W 400H Burnaby/UNBC/B.Townsend
Lauren Stuart W HT Smithers/UNBC/O.Duncan
Carolyn Sutherland W LJ Langley/LANG/K.Chadelaine
Raquel Tjernagel W 400m New Westminster/COQC/T.Self
James Turner M DEC Kelowna/OACS/P.Sima-Ledding
Rostam Turner M DEC Kelowna/OACS/P. Sima-Ledding
Kathryn Van Ryswyk W PV/100H Surrey/OATF/L. VanRywsyk (PV) M.Chewning (100H)
Riley Van Ryswyk M PV Surrey/OATF/ L.Van Ryswyk
Christian Voth M 5K Abbotsford/LANG/M.Bomba
Ben Weir M 5K Victoria/UVIC/L.Keziere
Devan Wiebe W 800 Vancouver/PTGR/M.Jedrzejek
Regan Yee W 2000SC Hazelton/BVAS/N.Currie

In Addition to these 50 athletes, BC Athletics has also identified Alternate Athletes who will be contacted by BC Athletics.  These athletes will be added to the list should there be a change in the 50 athletes listed above.This is the preliminary list of athletes.  For any comments, concerns, challenges or questions, please email the Technical Manager for Track & Field Garrett Collier at garrett.collier@bcathletics.org no later than Friday, June 14, 2013.

Earlier last year, BC Athletics announced the 2013 Canada Summer Games Staff.  They are as follows:

Ron Bunting – Head/Throws Coach

Pat Sima-Ledding – Sprints & Hurdles Coach

James Hustvedt – Wheelchair Racing Coach

Holly Tawse – Apprentice Coach to James Hustvedt

Jenn Schutz – Distance/Walks Coach

Nikki Reiter – Apprentice Coach to Jenn Schutz

Larry Blaschuk – Jumps Coach

James Buhlman – Combined Events Coach

Gillian Wright – Team Manager

Mark Graf – Team Manager

Tyla Flexman – Mission Staff

Congratulations to those athletes and their coaches, and Good Luck in Sherbrooke!

– BC Athletics


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