BC Team to compete at Timex Series Finale and Canadian 10K Championship

Air Canada permitting, BC should have good representation at the Timex National Series Finale, to be held in conjunction with the National 10K Championship and the Canada Running Series ZooRun in Toronto this Saturday.

Representing BC in the inter-provincial Timex Series Finale will be:

Dylan Wykes (Prairie Inn Harriers Racing Team)
Jerry Ziak (Unattached)
Steve Osaduik (Prairie Inn Harriers Racing Team)
Dylan Gant (Prairie Inn Harriers Racing Team)

Natasha Wodak (Prairie Inn Harriers Racing Team)
Shauna Skinner (Prairie Inn Harriers Racing Team)
Melissa Ross (Unattached)
Care Wakely (Unattached)

John Hill (VFAC) is coach/manager.

The above athletes will also be eligible to contest the Canadian 10K Championship, which are also expected to feature a number of other BC athletes, including:

Matt Clout (Unattached)
Trevor O’Brien (Unattached)
Mark Nelson (Unattached)

Malindi Elmore (Unattached)
Gillian Gook (Unattached)

Good luck to all.


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