BC Athletics Senior Track and Field Team – updated June 8/11

BC Athletics is pleased to announce the athletes selected to the BC Senior Track & Field Team to compete at the Cdn Senior Track & Field Championships in Calgary, June 22 to 25, 2011

2011 BC Senior T&F Team         
Note: The BC Athletics budget for the BC Senior T&F Team and Western Canada Games preparation and development support from the BC Govt has provided funding to support the following athletes.  They are listed below under the following headings:  Senior Team age group and Senior Team Western Canada Games age eligible.  Congratulations to the athletes and personal coaches.  Questions: Please contact BC Athletics at: 604-333-3552.     Thank you  
Senior Team age group        
100% of standard or higher        
Smith Jessica 800      
Abdulai Ruky Hep & LJ      
Spies Chantel Discus      
Woodward Krista Javelin      
Rodhe Megann Hammer      
Joyce Jennifer Hammer      
Evanglista Nicola 20k RW      
Miller Natasha Hep         
Martinson Geoff 1500      
Moss Curtis Javelin      
Andrew White Javelin      
Henderson Nolan (Trey) Hammer      
Jensen Ryan Hammer      
Rodhe Justin Shot Put      
Gomez Inaki 20k RW      
Connelly Creighton 20k RW      
Smith Crystal Hammer      
Senior Team – Western Cd Games age eligible    
100% of standard or higher        
Reid Katie 400      
Crofts Helen 800      
Lloyd Haleigh 400H      
Butterworth Alycia 3000s/c      
Parent Holly HJ      
Perkins Tiffany Javelin      
Willcox Tom SP/Discus      
Parker Cody Javelin      
Taylor Angus Hammer      
Throne Benjamin 10k RW – Jnr – held with Sr Nat’ls  
Senior Team age group – 99th Percentile    
Hanlon Maggie 200m      
Boss Traci 400H      
Howard Julia 1500      
Irvine Stacey Pole Vault      
Zelinka Deanna Javelin      
Marpole-Bird Justin 1500      
Senior Team – Western Canada age eligible    
99th Percentile        
Harding Hodson 400      
Senior Team age group – 98th Percentile    
Vaughan Jarid 200      
Boss Andrew 400      
Winkler Matthew 800      
Mason Mike HJ      
Little Paul HJ      
Kane Brianna 800      
Wodak Natasha 5000      
Senior Team – Western Canada age eligible    
98th Percentile        
Stewart Rohan 200 – provisional  
Ayesu-Attah Benjamin 400      
Keane Sean 800      
Treasure Alyx HJ      
Senior Team age group – 97th Percentile    
Whitehead Liza 100      
Pearse Anatasia 400H      
Senior Team – Western Cd Games age eligible   
97th Percentile        
Nathan Andrew 200      
Gallaugher Robbie LJ      
BC Team Staff          
Coller Richard Head Coach and Throws Coach
Parker Ron Combined Events and Jumps Coach
Stoffberg Nick Sprints, Hurdles and Relays Coach
Johnston Al Distance and Walks Coach
TBA    Team Manager  

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