Resource Guides for Clubs

2010 Legacies Now recently published two free Resource Guides to enhance the operation of local sport organizations in BC.

Human Resources Guide for Community Sport: Managing Employees
This Guide is a human resources handbook to support professional development of local sport clubs and associations. Designed for club executive members and administrators to assist in the management of paid employees, the Human Resources Guide offers best practices, employment resources and numerous templates that may be used when required and adapt to suit any organization.

Risk Management Guide for Community Sport Organizations
This Guide is intended to help volunteers and staff of local sport organizations make better decisions. Designed for leaders, administrators and volunteers within sport organizations and sport clubs, the Risk Management Guide explains current risk management processes and how they can be applied within your organization. The Guide also includes examples of excellent practices, tools, and numerous templates that can be adapted for your purposes.

Both Guides are available for download free of charge from the 2010 Legacies Now website at


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